As my life in Karachi has become more or less a routine, I’ve been thinking how to describe the everyday life here.

All of my weekdays seem very similar these days. I wake up in the morning and come to the office around 9:30 am. That’s pretty much when all of the rest of my colleagues are coming as well. After that comes the regular routine of checking emails and reading newspapers for monitoring our company’s appearance. If I’m lucky and I find some news item, I have to file it and upload it on our company’s website. After I’m done with the newspapers, there might be some small tasks related to the program that we’re currently running with our foundation. Usually around 11 am, me and Rahab drop down to the supermarket in our building to get some juice and come back. Lately there has been almost no work, so that means doing random stuff till 1 pm, when we usually go for lunch. After we come back, and there is still no work, we would be doing our own stuff to kill time till like 5:30 pm. This can be really hard, but am hoping that soon, we’ll be busier. We were assigned to contribute as reporters to one newspaper that our boss is re-launching. If that works out, that would mean, that all of our afternoons would be spent at the editorial of the newspaper. Lets see how it works out…

As for the weekends, now I’m really wishing, that I would still be as busy as I used to be one year ago. I realized here, that I am a person, that needs constant activities to keep me busy, otherwise I go crazy. During the weekends its especially visible, because there is really not much you can do in Karachi. So the scenario is usually like this, wake up late around 10am, take a shower (one of the 3-4 of the day, since the temperatures went up), have breakfast, watch tv for awhile and then try to figure out what to do with the rest of the day. Evenings are usually fine, we either go out, hang out together and have fun, but that happens after 9 pm. So these days, I’ve been trying to come up with stuff I can do with my free time. Read books, learn urdu or start to draw again? I have to get back on track of putting value to my free time and not just lazying around because of the heat…


It’s kinda clear to me, that if I was at home, I wouldn’t be that much busier and for some reason, I don’t understand why I feel the need here. If I would get a rare free weekend at home, I would actually enjoy doing nothing… But here I have more free time than I really need, which is probably the reason why I’m feeling desperate for a lot of work…



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